I just had a huge awakening. A huge feeling taking control.

In my teenage years I felt insecure. Maybe it had something to do with my own mother informing me that I had a muffin top and I needed to quit sitting around and do something about it.

In the first picture, I was in highschool. I weighed 134 lbs at my highest and spent the majority of my time drinking and eating junk and flirting with boys.
In the second picture, I weigh almost 200 lbs and am holding the very reason for my weight gain my 6 month old child.
In the third picture, I am happily sitting at 180 lbs with a two year old. I have been called fat, I have been told I still have time to lose the baby weight, I have been told that maybe I just need to work out!

When did my weight gain or loss need to come into conversation?? When did people naturally assume that I must be insecure and unhappy and desperate to lose weight??

In the first picture I WAS that insecure girl. I have never known what it meant to have someone respect my body in the correct ways, not even myself. I knew I was skinny but I was NEVER good enough for myself.
It was only when I really shattered all hopes of ever having that tiny figure did I learn that it was time to move past some sort of unrealistic dream to fit into a mold that people said I must fit into.
My husband, the father of my child, the man that literally watched that teenage girl balloon up to 230lbs within a matter of 3 years and give birth through emergency c-section, has NEVER once judged my body. He has never once told me I need to lose a pound. He has never once said he finds me unattractive.
That little girl that I gave birth to now tells me how beautiful I am everyday and how much she loves me, because of the love and positivity I have given her. She is constantly told that her body is beautiful and I can only hope that she grows up to understand that she is beautiful and as long as I am alive I will NEVER call my daughter fat or judge her upon her appearance.
It is enough to go through life catching opinions for my tattoos, my style, and my normally crazy colored hair, I will accept myself and my body and others around me without hate.
Raise your children to respect and love their bodies and others. Break the cycle of vanity and body dysmorphic disorder! Spread acceptance!